Cohnway Matthew Johnson

Fire Fighter/ EMT

In Loving Memory of

ohnway Matthew Johnson

ctober 04, 1982 - May 04, 2009
Gone but never forgotten!

May 04 is International Firefighter Day (IFFD).
(Learn more about IFFD in Home 3 page.)

God Bless Our Firefighters!

The Gentle Heroes

Within the realm of mankind there are those that exceed the expectations of the human soul,
For they are the epitome of good will, and the extended hand of God,
They come when called no questions asked,
giving of themselves and their time.
Neither for money nor fame, but only to serve their fellow man,
They believe themselves neither as heroes nor as gods,
But as simply doing their job.
Their answer to the call of need is, "How can I help?"
Their answer to danger is, "It needs to be done."
Their answer to their death is, "Please take care of my family."
For there is no greater sacrifice then to give your life for another,
Yet they do so without thought.
Willing to leave behind their families for a stranger,
Offering to give their life for someone not known,
And once gone, their gentle souls committed to the ages
Never again to be replaced.
Let us never forget these perished men and women,
Take one moment to honor their passing,
For ours is the greatest loss of all. They lived to serve us,
And in death they are the gentle heroes we have loved and lost.
Let their memory shine forever, a monument to humanity.

"To live in the hearts of those left behind is not to die".

                                                                                                                                        The Fire Rose

The 6th Annual 2015 TCESD#3 Oak Hill Firefighters Softball Tournament

The weather was perfect for tournament softball on Saturday, May 02 in Del Valle.  Seven great teams came together with Travis County Emergency Service Districts (ESD’s) being well represented this year.  The seven teams, battling it out for the coveted traveling trophy were our host team, Travis County ESD#3 Oak Hill, Travis County Fire Control ESD#4 Austin, Belton Fire Department, Travis County ESD#2 Pflugerville, Travis County ESD#11 Fire and Rescue, a combined team of Pedernales ESD#8 and CE-Bar ESD#10 and Hays County ESD#8 Buda Fire Department.  We want to thank the teams, families, friends and game officials who came out to make this years tournament a huge success.

Thank you everyone for supporting the Cohnway Johnson Scholarship Fund for the Oak Hill Fire Academy.

Our Host Team - Oak Hill Fire Department TCESD#3 - love these guys

The Winners

Travis County ESD#11Fire and Rescue 

"Congratulations" on winning the coveted traveling trophy this year!  Will you be able to hang on to your title and trophy in 2016?

Combined team of Pedernales ESD#8 and CE-Bar ESD#10 are outfield.                  

Pflugerville is in the dugout

Kudos to our delightful Concession staff

Many thanks to our concession staff.  Our quality control manager was back for the 2nd year, much to everyone's delight!?!?!  Also joining us again after a years hiatus was our professional sausage wrap wrapper Rusty Bergman.  However the photographer failed to get pictures this year but will check with our backup photographer who probably did.   
Our Sponsors

Whitney and Home Depot

 of Sunset Valley

Thank you for your continuing support.

Kountry Boys Sausage of Brenham

Thank you for your continuing support.

Oak Hill Fire Academy 2014 Graduation Ceremony

TCESD#3 Oak Hill Fire Department hosted their 2014 Fire Academy Class 12 Graduation ceremony on October 12 at the Mt Olive Lutheran Church in Oak Hill.  Academy Certificates were presented to 19 graduating Cadets.  This is the 5th consecutive year Cohnway Johnson Scholarships were awarded to three cadets for their outstanding achievements.  "Congratulations to all Class 12 graduates and this years scholarship recipients.  We wish you great success in the Fire Service".

( l-r) Kevin Burke, Jacob Hanks and Jeffrey Kimbrell

2014 Cohnway M. Johnson Memorial Scholarship Fund recipients