Cohnway Matthew Johnson

Fire Fighter/ EMT

            COHNWAY'S SMILE           

Cohnway's smile...


                                 Uncle Cohnway & Sterling Michael

(near the Guadalupe River, New Braunfels, Tx. Summer 2008)


Cohnway's smile...

In October, 2009 (bottom of page), an oak  tree was planted in memory of Cohnway at the Oak Hill Fire Department, Station 1.  Since that day, his brothers at the station would say Cohnway was messing with all of them in regards to his tree.  At times the tree would lean to the side; they would straighten the tree, only to find it leaning again soon after.  His hijinks even from above, didn't surprise them.  Cohnway just kept messing with them until the poor tree could take no more, leading to its demise.  

In late February, 2013, this beautiful burr oak was planted in the same place.  OK Cohnway, leave this tree alone!!  Also the guys at the station have said they will show this tree less TLC than the first one.  That should take care of it, right?  Only time will tell, but we hope this tree will grow strong and tall and lovingly grace the front of the station for many, many years to come.   

We thank Captain Rusty Bergman for picking out this beautiful, healthy tree for us.  Thank you to everyone that played a part in the intial planning and design, digging out the first tree, planting the new tree and bringing to fruition the unique maltese cross and department emblem landscaping around the tree. 

Final additions beneath and around the new tree will be completed soon. 


Cohnway's smile...

 Stacy & Chad Kubin's camper

Cohnway's smile...

On May 7th, 2011, the 2nd annual Oak Hill Firefighters Softball Tournament was held at the Del Valle Adult Softball Complex.   We want to thank Mike Thompson and Floyd Fritcher for their donation of their delicious "Texas Chaw" sausage.  Made in Caldwell, Texas, their sausage can be purchased at local Brookshire Bros grocery stores and HEB in Taylor. 

                                                          Our very own Rusty Bergman is perfecting his sausage wrapping skills learned last year. 

                                                                         (Please view all photos from the tournament in our Photo Gallery)


Cohnway's smile...

"Thank you to Danny Paulk and Gravity Meter Repair for your donation.

Cohnway's smile...

On a crisp day in February 2011, Oak Hill Fire Department held a patio dedication in honor of Cohnway's love to grill and bar-be-que.  The patio was constructed at his station, Station 2, Barton Creek. We want to express our most heartfelt “Thank You” to everyone who worked so hard together to create this lasting pergola to honor the past, the present and future firefighters of Oak Hill.   


Food's done and being served indoors.  Mack Russell, of Oak Hill FD, pauses in front of the pit.  "Thank you" Mack for being chef for the day and cooking those great tasting burgers enjoyed by everyone.  We hope you and our photographer took the time to eat.  

(Please view all photos from the dedication in our Photo Gallery)    

Cohnway's smile...

On Saturday, September 11, 2010 TCESD #12 dedicated their new fire station in Manor, Texas.  The station's new patio was dedicated to the memory of Cohnway on August 28, 2010.   We thank everyone with the Manor FD for honoring him in such a kind, thoughful and remarkable way.

(Rear view of new station and patio area)




 Chief David Krause speaks at patio dedication

 (Please view all photos from the dedication in our Photo Gallery)

Cohnway's smile...
"Thank you" Diana and Richard Golding and Joan Johnson for your recent donation to the Orange Grove Volunteer Fire Department in my honor.  Your donation makes it possible for the fire department to continue their services to the Orange Grove community as needed.  Thank you for your generosity to them and to those they serve. 
Cohnway's smile...

On October 10, 2009, we all came together at the Oak Hill Fire Department Headquarters to plant a memorial tree in Cohnways name. It was kind of a gray day but a perfect day for what we were there for. We came together, family and friends, to plant a beautiful live oak (donated by Mark Biggs with Biggs Landscape and Irrigation ) in a place that we all know Cohnway loved. Thanks to every one that attended and all that helped coordinate this. You can see more pictures under the Memorial Tree Planting tab in our Photo Gallery. Thanks to Mandy Bergman for loading those for us.