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  Cohnway Matthew Johnson

Fire Fighter/ EMT

Photo Gallery

2015 Oak Hill Softball Tournament 2015 Oak Hill Softball Tournament Belton team takes a break between games. 199164226 2014 Winners, Belton Fire Department 199164227 Ben Rife, Westlake 199164228 Calyn and Mikayla draw for raffle. 199164229 Catcher JD Patton of Oak Hill 199164230 Let the competition begin. 199164231 Raymond Seyfried catches for Buda team. 199164232 Chief Robert Hartigan of Oak Hill 199164233 Let the competition begin. 199164234 Let the competition begin. 199164235 Competition continues well into the afternoon. 199164436 Off duty PT for some team members taking home rose garden soil donated by Home Depot. 199164437 Our tournament mascot "Herbie" 199164438 Herbie with Calyn Kubin 199164439 Janice and Tim DeShazer. 199164440 Janice's pride and joy honors her brother, Damion Hobbs and James Harlow Sr. from Station 26, Houston FD. 199164441 What a beautiful tribute to Damion Hobbs and James Harlow Sr.. 199164442 Damion's Station 26 "Dixie Dawgs" is recognized. 199164443 Houston Fire Department 199164444 Station 26, "Dixie Dawgs" 199164445 "Not Forgotten" 199164446 "Not Forgotten" 04-12-2009 199164447 Jason Ramsdell of Oak Hill 199164448 Manor team 199164449 Michael welcomes and thanks everyone for coming out. 199164450 Mike and JD Patton 199164451 Oak Hill takes a break. 199164452 Oak Hill outfield 199164453 Our host team, Oak Hill Fire Department 199164454 Pedernales team 199164455 Pedernales team outfield 199164456 Pflugerville is in the dugout. 199164457 Pflugerville team warms up. 199164458 Chief Hartigan takes traveling trophy to winning team. 199164459 Roger Moreno of Travis County Fire and Rescue 199164460 Some of our families who come to cheer on their team. 199164461 More families supporting their team. 199164462 Sweet girl Hanna Hartigan 199164463 Families and friends of the teams 199164464 Travis County Fire and Rescue team 199164465 2015 Tournament Winners, "Congratulations Travis County Fire and Rescue". 199164466