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  Cohnway Matthew Johnson

Fire Fighter/ EMT

Our Mission

God blessed Cohnway by giving him, for a short while, his livelong dream. His legacy is to help other young men and women live their dream of becoming a firefighter. As his parents and brother, we will continue to support and give to those who are a reflection of Cohnway's love, dedication and passion for the Fire Service.

We want to push for reform within the training academies and fire departments to prevent serious heat related illness from occurring. This can be accomplished with proper training of all personnel in these fields. Knowing and understanding the importance of proper hydration, acclimation, weather conditions, the effects of prior activities and exercises, are key. Subsequent early detection and immediate medical treatment can ultimately prevent heat exhaustion and heatstroke.

Our goal is to insure no firefighter will ever again succumb to this horrific but preventable injury.

Cohnway M. Johnson Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Cohnway M. Johnson Memorial Scholarship Fund was created in 2010 to provide financial support to cadets who are currently enrolled in the Oak Hill Fire Academy. The Oak Hill Fire Academy offers an annual program training those interested in career firefighting to become State of Texas commissioned firefighters and emergency medical technicians.

The first scholarships were awarded to three cadets graduating from the Oak Hill Fire Academy, Class 8 in October, 2010. Each consecutive year, three scholarships of

$1,500.00, $1,000.00 and $500.00 have been awarded. Recipients of the scholarships are chosen based on the following criteria:

(1.) Cadets are required to write an essay explaining why they have chosen firefighting as a career. (2.) Cadets must have a good academic standing within the academy.

The final decision is made by the Oak Hill Fire Department Review Panel.

The annual Oak Hill Firefighters Softball Tournament, which began in 2010, is our one fundraising event with all proceeds going to the scholarship fund. Texas Certified

Fire Protection (TCFP) softball teams from all over the state of Texas are invited to participate.

Cohnway's dream was to become a firefighter and be the best he could be. Please help us to help young men and women realize their dream of becoming a firefighter

through the Oak Hill Fire Academy where he taught part time.

501(c) is available upon request

Please make your tax deductible donation to:

Oak Hill Fire Foundation - Johnson Scholarship

Mail to: Attn: Herb Holloway

Oak Hill Fire Department

4111 Barton Creek Blvd.

Austin, Texas 78735


c/o Mike and Candy Johnson

P. O. Box 1207

Rockdale, Texas 76567


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